Kabaret In BRISSAC

Are you coming to make movies in the countryside with us?

We’ll be meeting on the last week of June, 45 minutes away from Montpellier to run 3 sessions in the wilderness.

Fly Kino Brissac 2015

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So, when does it take place exactly?

start Friday June 19, 7p.m

fnd Saturday June 27 until the end of the night

3x48h to make these films

Session 1 June 20-21, Session 2 June 22-24, Session 3 June 25-27

Alright, but where is it¹, what does it look like?

It's here : Domaine de Nicouleau, 34190 Brissac, France

Photo Nicouleau

And where do we sleep?

What we’d like best is you coming with your tent, your mobile home, your igloo, in short, that you be sleep-independent.

Of course, if you have no gear, try to get a mattress, and you will be staying in the house, in a hot dormitory full of snorers, but as you won’t be sleeping anyway, or be wasted, or too shattered, it’s all the same.

And if you’re coming as a tourist or you forget your mattress, we have hay for you to lay on.

And how do we eat?

With your fingers, of course, this is the countryside. ;-)

We provide food supplies, and everyone joins in to create delicious simmered dishes.

That’s all well and good but how much is it?

The prices below include everything except the drinks that will be sold on the spot (water, tea, coffee are free).

If you’re staying for one session: 7€/jour (so if you’re coming on the 21st in the evening and going back on the 25th early in the morning, you are paying for 3 days at 7€, so that is 21€. But if you are coming on the 21st in the afternoon, and you go back on the 25th in the afternoon, you’re paying for 4 days at 7€, well, yes, you only attended one session 06/22-24.

If you’re staying for more than one session, it’s 5€/jour.

Sounds great, but how do I get there?

Carpool, train, plane to Montpellier, after that we’ll maybe find a solution. There are buses from Montpellier to nearby Brissac, or we’re coming to pick you up and you’re paying for the gas, you can even car pool from Montpellier with another kinoïte.

Brilliant, where do I sign?


Who’s coming?


And if I have questions?

Send an email to: brissac@kinob.be

Or call:

In Belgium

Jean-Michel : 00 32 477 462 838

Laure : 00 32 478 34 26 28

In France

Mayssa : 00 33 6 68 02 40 29


See you soon!