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Bonjour à tous,

Le KIF 2010 est terminé.

Merci à tous pour ce grand moment!

Peut-être avez-vous perdu quelque chose chez nous?

KIF 2010

KIF 2010

Dear kinoïtes, dear friends, dear all

We take out, today, our most beautiful feather, to cordially invite you to our festive gathering, known as KIF 2010.

In order to allow you, if you dare, to set free your imagination, we propose for this new edition, 3 wonderful sessions of 3 suns and 2 moons.

In a typical open minded cultural policy from our beautiful region, this year, we will associate creators from various artistic universes such as : comics, music, puppets,

Considering, as a matter of honour, the quality of our hospitality, we will offer you during your stay various eatables and warm beverages and a more or less decent accommodation.

Pending the whisper of your arrival, we send you our best regards

sincerely yours, once

KINO(b) team


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