What's a Kinoïte
What's a Kinoïte ?

A kinoïte is every person that wants to participate to a Kabaret or a monthly screening by helping to realise the movie or by making a movie itself. It can be a boom operator, a cameraman, a actor, a director and so on...

How to become Kinoïte ?
Being director: must be a registered member of Kino (b). Once registered, you can submit your Kino films.
Being actor or technician: contact the director, come see us during our production meetings, or during the projections.
Being spectator: come to evening screenings. We need you and your critical eye.
Participating in a Kabaret: participants make films in 48 hours. It is not necessary to be a kino member to participate: the kabaret is open to all, unless the place is limited.