History Kino
What's Kino ?


The Kino adventure begins in Montreal in January 1999 with a simple bet between friends: produce original short film each month by 2000. Nearly 200 films later, the movement was born KINO!

8 years later, Kino still offers a free and uncensored screen to all creators. Inspired by "Kiné", meaning "movement" in ancient Greek of long ago, the word rhymes KINO today with independent production and free.

Do well with anything,
do better with little, but do it now !
is our motto.


In 2001, at the invitation of the Festival du Nouveau Cinema, Kino make a first Kabaret. Kinoïtes of Montreal and Quebec take up the same concept following summer during a tour of Europe and the Kino mind was created in Hamburg, Krakow, St. Petersburg and Helsinki.

Enthusiasm is infectious, artists created Kino cells everywhere. From Charlevoix to Brussels, on the island of Reunion in Adelaide, Australia, etc
Today there are more than 50 cells in 14 countries on 4 continents

Kino is a laboratory to experiment and to make movie in a non competitive spirit !   

Making Kino of
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